Kangen Water and Bodybuilding

Dan Hill– (BigDanHill) the youngest ever pro admitted into the International Federation of Body Builders endorse and drink gallons of Kangen Water from Enagic each day: In the morning, during training, after training – “all day long!”, as he explain.

 Big Dan Hill: “The next big event have been the Jiyuu Events in Los Angeles, where my dear friend and businesspartner Eli Dafesh and his son Wadia invited me to be part of the Enagic Team, to spread the world of the great benefits that Kangen Water can bring to anyone of us”.

Dan Hill on stage where he explain about all the Kangen Water benefits for bodybilders and other athletes:  

 Watch VIDEO with BIG DAN HILL in Las Vegas where he explain about WHY he use Kangen Water from Enagic:




Kangen Water:

The Role of pH and Muscle Mass

By Robbie Durand, M.A. Senior., Web Editor, Muscular Development Magazine


Evan Centopani –  IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Dec 2009           

“This month I spent some time with Muscular Development’s Evan Centopani, filming his training session in his off-sea-son. Besides noticing that Evan is looking like a beast, I walked into Evan’s house and noticed this small apparatus next to the sink that had some blinking lights on the side and was filled with water.

 I said, “Evan, what the heck is that?” Evan explained it was a water ionizer, which adjusted the pH of water. By using a water ionizer, it helped to create a more basic pH in the body, and reduce blood acidity. Evan explained that he had been doing a lot of reading on the role of pH and health.

He is correct that pH has a profound effect on health, but also on muscle mass.  Having an acidic pH not only causes lower muscle mass, but can also lower plasma levels of IGF-1. Having an acidic pH is not conducive to building muscle. In fact, researchers make the blood more basic to counteract losses in muscle mass.

Interestingly, a mild but progressive metabolic acidosis occurs in elderly individuals who are exposed to a continuous challenge from acid-producing diets (e.g., diets relatively rich in meat and cereal grains compared to the fruit and vegetable content).[1]

Oral administration of bicarbonate increases blood pH (makes the blood more basic) in a dose-related manner in healthy adults, both at rest and during exercise.[2]

Metabolic acidosis has long been known to promote protein breakdown and nitrogen excretion.[3][4]

In several studies, daily administration of bicarbonate—which acts as a blood buffer and reduces acidity— improved muscle power during intense exercise in healthy subjects.[5]

However, the role of pH and muscle mass has never been clearly defined, so researchers set out to examine if blood pH has any effect on muscle mass. Researchers from Tufts University examined 162 older adults and had them consume either a treatment with potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, or placebo. 

Remember that bicarbonates reduce blood acidity and promote a more alkaline environment. Interestingly, after three months of supplementation, only the bicarbonate altered the amount of acid production.  The reduction in acid production resulted in less nitrogen excretion (greater protein retention) in men.[6]

In the men, the change in net acid excretion (the amoun tof acid being excreted from the body) was positively correlated with how much nitrogen was being lost.

Although nitrogen excretion is not a specific indicator of muscle breakdown, in the setting of stable protein intake, exercise level, and bodyweight, a decrease in nitrogen excretion is consistent with decreased net muscle catabolism.  Treatment with bicarbonate significantly lowered nitrogen excretion.

Therefore, using a blood buffer such as potassium bicarbonate may be a way of reducing muscle tissue breakdown. Loss of muscle is associated with aging, but this occurs in conjunction with increased blood acidity. A possibility is that muscle wasting is influenced by the mild metabolic acidosis that occurs with aging. With muscle breakdown, amino acids released into the bloodstream provide substrate for the hepatic synthesis of glutamine. Glutamine is used by the kidneys to synthesize ammonia.[7]

Glutamine acts as a blood buffer when pH is acidic by being removed from muscle. So Evan may be on to something good. It seems that drinking alkaline water or eating fruits and vegetables or using a bicarbonate supplement may prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

[1] Frassetto LA, Morris RC Jr, Sebastian A (1996) Effect of age onblood acid-base composition in adult humans: role of age-related renalfunctional decline. Am J Physiol, 271:t-22.

[2] Douroudos II, Fatouros IG, Gourgoulis V, Jamurtas AZ, Tsitsios T,Hatzinikolaou A, Margonis K, Mavromatidis K, Taxildaris K (2006) Dose-related effects of prolonged NaHCO3 ingestion during high-intensity exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 38:1746-1753.

[3] May RC, Kelly RA, Mitch WE (1986) Metabolic acidosis stimulatesprotein degradation in rat muscle by a glucocorticoid dependent mechanism. J Clin Invest, 77:614-621

[4] Mitch WE, Price SR, May RC, Jurkovitz C, England BK (1994) Metabolic consequences of uremia: extending the concept of adaptive responses to protein metabolism. Am J Kidney Dis, 23:224-228.

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[6] Dawson-Hughes B, Castaneda-Sceppa C, Harris SS, Palermo NJ,Cloutier G, Ceglia L, Dallal GE. Impact of supplementation with bicarbon-ate on lower-extremity muscle performance in older men and women.Osteoporos Int, 2009 Sep 1.

[7] Cersosimo E, Williams PE, Radosevich PM, Hoxworth BT, Lacy WW,A Abumrad NN (1986) Role of glutamine in adaptations in nitrogen metab-olism during fasting. Am J Physiol, 250:E622-E628.7.







A testimonial by Wade T. Lightheart CSNA

    3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Dear Athlete,


“Once in a while a technology is introduced to the world that has dramatic effects on athletic performance.  Pioneering technology such as high altitude training, hyper-baric chambers, arthroscopic surgery, and even questionable substances like performance enhancing drugs are routinely brought into athletic competition.  At first these breakthroughs provide a competitive advantage for athletes bold enough to break with tradition, then eventually the technology becomes accepted by other athletes, the traditionalists, and eventually even hardcore skeptics such as scientists and doctors in the medical industry as a training necessity.

Competing at the highest level in any sport takes incredible discipline, mental focus, long hours of training, and most of all an indomitable spirit that is the heart of every champion.  Staying ahead of the performance curb is now an essential part of every athlete’s training program.  It’s with great delight I share a legal, easy to use technology that will allow you to get more out of your training then ever before without adversely effecting your pocket book.  In fact you might discover this technology will be putting money into your bank account instead of emptying out your wallet.  But before I share what this breakthrough technology is allow me to introduce myself.

My Name is Wade Lightheart, and I am a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor.  I have written several books and have authored countless articles on training, nutrition, and sports performance.  I currently serve as the Director of Human Performance for two Holistic Health Clinics and I have been a competitive athlete as long as I can remember.  I have been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with some of the greatest minds in the sports industry and to compete successfully for over 10 years on the National and International stage.  My competitive career in Natural Bodybuilding allowed me to win 13 titles in 5 different weight categories including 4 overall championships.  Prior to last year my career was highlighted by winning a National Championship as well as a top 15 finish at the Mr. Universe World Championships in 2003 after which I retired.  I then transitioned to writing books, producing educational videos, and developing nutritional supplements to enhance health and performance.

In the August 2007, I was introduced to a revolutionary water technology from Japan used in hospitals and medical centers for over 40 years to treat various medical conditions; however, NO ONE had every considered using this water as a performance enhancer.  I took it upon myself to try the water in my own training regimen and I was shocked and delighted by regaining championship form and winning not one but two National Titles in only 3 weeks of training preparation.  After 3 months on the water and a rigorous training schedule I was able to place 5th in my division at the Natural Mr. Olympia World Championships which confirmed to me and my colleagues that this water could be the greatest breakthrough in sports performance in the last 20 years.  Keep in mind I have less than average genetics, and before I won my last two titles, I had been retired from competition for over 3 years.  What’s even more incredible is that the technology I am going to share with you turns ordinary tap water into a natural high powered performance enhancer that will soon enable weekend warriors to World Class athletes more easily reach their genetic potential by improving recovery, avoiding injury, and potentially extending athletic careers.

Now before you jump to conclusions I want to be clear that the water is not a miracle product, nor am I making any outrageous health claims.  What I am sharing with you is my experience using the water and how it allowed me to train harder, longer, and recover in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional waters from taps, bottled water, or other filtration, ionization or water purification machines.

Kangen water it a trademark which refers to a unique form of Structured Ionized water that I feel can aid in your recovery and give you the competitive edge while enhancing your health instead of compromising it.  While many companies claim they can produce Kangen water it’s been my observation that the water produced by Enagic is far superior to any water I have tested at this time.  While I am always seeking out to improve on current technology I have spent the last year testing a wide variety of machines which claim to produce the same or superior water and none have measured up to Enagic’s SD501 Water Electrolysis Generator.

I wrote this report to provide you the athlete clarification about my experience on the water, as well as a brief synopsis of how the technology works, how it can affect performance, and why I believe it’s worth trying in your own training regimen.  I also wrote this report to debunk some myths about water and performance, as well as clarify the confusing claims made by a wide variety of companies and individuals who either don’t understand the technology or are blatantly making false claims in order to gain market share advantage.

I hope you take the time to review this information and more importantly try the water yourself and let your own performance be the judge.  That was the format I followed and I can boldly state Kangen Water produced by Enagic allowed me to come out of retirement and win a National Championship in under what I felt were near impossible conditions.  I firmly believe that Kangen Water produced by Enagic is the Gold Standard in Structured Ionized Water and I believe it will become a standard training protocol in every athletic training program worldwide.  I encourage you to pick up a copy of my latest report “Why Every Athlete Needs to Know About Structured Ionized Water” and to check my events calendar as to where I will be giving live public demonstrations on this remarkable new technology.  I encourage everyone to attend one of these seminars to Discover how Changing Your Water can Change Your Life”.

Yours in Good Health,

Wade Lightheart CSNA


Wade demonstrates the SD501 KANGEN WATER IONIZER – the FLAGSHIP on the market:





FEATURE: Bodybuilder, Wade T. Lightheart, Endorses Kangen Water™

Posted by admin on July 17, 2009 ·

Wade T. Lightheart, 3 Time Canadian Natural Body Building Champion

“Kangen water is the next great thing to hit the sport’s world,” according to Wade T. Lightheart, CSNA, 3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion.

Wade T. Lightheart came out of a three-year retirement and returned to championship form in record time using a little known water technology out of Japan called Kangen Water™, to dramatically speed up his recovery times, and improving his VO2 MAX (oxygen carrying capacity).

This life and career changing experience prompted him to write a book entitled “What Every Athlete Needs To Know About Restructured Ionized Water”. His manuscript is dedicated to the mind-blowing athletic applications of Kangen Water™.

In this breakthrough report Wade shares his personal success story using Kangen Water ™ as well as the science behind HOW this remarkable water works. He also presents critical information about hydration, dehydration, acid-alkaline balance, and the role of free radical damage in relation to sports injury. This read is an absolute must for every athlete serious about staying ahead of the performance curve.


Going For A Deeper Look Regarding The Alkaline Water Ionizer
September 19th, 2010 | Author: Palmer Brojakowski

Ionized water products like an Alkaline Water Ionizer are proving more and more well-known. While many people check out what they eat, they probably do not consider the kind of liquids they drink or how it affects the pH balance in their entire body. Acidic elements like carbonated drinks have an impact on the natural balance, making it more acidic.
With an Alkaline Water Ionizer, you place normal faucet water into it. This is next filtered to get rid of impurities for example rust, lead and chlorine. While these are not harmful in minimal quantity, as time passes they couldimpact on your health. The filtering system will intelligently retain the mineral needed by the body such as vitamins, protein and the like.

So far, this sounds like a normal filtration system. The main difference is with the electrolysis plates in such a machine. This breaks down the molecules in the water, making the body process them easier. Furthermore, it splits them into positive and negative ions.

There are different degrees of alkaline water and it’s very likely best to steadily add the alkalinity to your regimen. For about two weeks, you should have it at level 8.5. From then on, you may then increase it to level 9, peaking at level 9.5. If you are taking medication or preparing baby formula you ought to stick to the clean level at around 5. or neutral pH. The system is button activated and automatic, with a voice command that will tell you the level you are at. After around 30 to 45 minutes after taking medication it ought to be alright to change back to a higher alkalinity.

Depending on the model of machine you have, this will influence the kind of waters available. It might appear strange to think of different kinds, however they can all offer beneficial properties. A higher acid of 5.5 is good for the skin and hair, meaning there is less need to put money into skincare products, as you effectively get it yourself from the water.

A compact model is also useful, especially the smaller, more light weight versions. There are several that can be included in kitchen units, with a wall mounted LCD screen. This is often far more convenient for those who have a smaller kitchen. Larger, more durable units are best for heavy uses, such as for a family or a non commercial care home. Some units were created for showers, to produce the equivalent of a hot spring in your shower.

When it comes to maintenance, you need to use a cleaner cartridge every six months. It is well worth checking web sites for additional information on different types readily available, as they will have different warranties, approximately around three to five years. Comparison sites will also help you get the best deal, while demo videos will reveal how to operate the machine.

Palmer Brojakowski is ready to share every thing they have learned with you. Carry out your research with them to get all the facts in relation to an Alkaline Water Ionizer. You’ll certainly be amazed at the things the Alkaline Water Ionizer is capable of doing.

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